As per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A-2006 and Aria Azmoon Sanat written practice for certification & qualification of NDT personnels, the recommended maximum recertification/renewal intervals are 3 years for all the Level I,II certifications. As per the recommended practice, all the levels of NDT certification can be extended their validity for further stipulated period by meeting any one of the following criteria:

  1. Evidence of continuing satisfactory technical performance
  2. Re-examination in those methods certified

Candidates requiring revalidation or renewal of their certification should send following documents  to the Aria Azmoon Sanat training department :

  1. Technical resume and experience certificate from the employer/s since the last validation
  2. Eye fitness certificate in the specified format duly tested and signed by registered ophthalmologist or optometrist. You can also download from here
  3. Fee for revalidation
  4. Copy of expired certificate

Please note that the institute has every right to verify your experience and other documents submitted before revalidating the certification. If the applicant is unable to send the original certificate/s along with above documents within the expiration date of his certification, he has to appear for reexamination in the method/s.

For other courses certificates renewal ,please contact to Aria Azmoon Sanat training department
Tel/Fax : (+9821)88335864-7
Email :