AAS (Aria Azmoon Sanat) Co. is a consulting and inspection company founded 2006 in IRAN.It is managed by the board of directors and is run by its managing director. The AAS co. rely on its many years of experience and take advantage of the most modern equipment. The company also benefits of highly educated and experienced inspectors and engineers holding national and international certifications from the most highly authorative welding and NDE societies in the world including ASNT, AWS, IIW, and TWI.

AAS co. offers the following Technical services to its clients:
  1. Conducting Training Courses
  2. Welding Engineering and NDT Consultation
  3. Technical Inspection and third Party
  4. Non-Destructive and Destructive Services
  5. Examination and Certification
Our mission is to become the number one in world class services on welding & NDT in Iran by providing clients with optimal solutions with dedication, expertise and technical innovation. AAS has set down its long term and flexible plan of development with a methodical approach based upon all the available resources and taking into consideration the dynamic nature of the industry.
This plan relates to the ultimate goals of the company and the ways it intends to achieve them.
According to our Mission & Vision and to maintain activities up to date in usage of innovative welding & NDT technologies and to be in contact with national and international partners, Our company is a corporate partner and approved by many organizations & societies :
  1. Welding and NDT Training center authorized by Iranian National Standard Inistitute
  2. Authorized Inspection Body, Recognized by Iran Accreditation System (IAS)
  3. Authorized Inspection Body, Recognized by Iranian National Gas company
  4. Educational member of the American Welding Society (AWS)
  5. Corporate partner of the American Society for Non-destructive testing (ASNT)
  6. Iranian Institute of Welding and Non-destructive Testing (IWNT)
  7. Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME)
  8. Iranian Society of Non-Destructive Testing (IRSNT)
  9. Society of Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers (SIPIEM)