To add value to companies in manufacture, construction, operation and maintenance by defining reliable inspection and monitoring solutions to improve safety, reduce costs and extend productive life, we offer the various aspects of technical inspection to a broad range of industries.
These technical inspection & third party services cover the following activities:

  • Welding inspection more...
  • Dimensional control
  • Paint & surface coating inspection
  • Paint material inspection
  • Document review and approval
  • Thickness measurement

Keeping installations inservice is one of the most important subjects in the industry. Despite the fact that regular maintenance to pressure vessles, tank and piping is of great importance, it is not always necessary to shut down the installation for these maintenance inspections.
AAS Co. provides technical inspection & third party services in the following categories:

  • Shop Manufacturing Inspection
  • Field Manufacturing Inspection
  • Inservice Inspection

Shop Manufacturing Inspection

  • Pressure vessles
  • Heat exchangers
  • Power plant turbines
  • Boilers & furnaces
  • Industrial parts

Field Manufacturing Inspection

  • Pipelines
  • Storage tanks
  • Offshore steel structure
  • Tower steel structure
  • Piping systems

Inservice Inspection

  • Inservice piping inspection
  • Inservice storage tank inspection
  • Inservice perssure vessel inspection
  • Inservice crane lifting equipment inspection
  • Risk based inspection (RBI)
  • Inservice power plant turbines inspection