Why do you need welding engineering ?

  • To reduce rework, scrap and wastage.
  • To increase production.
  • To obtain the qualifications you need.
  • To increase quality & reliability of products.
  • To confort shortage of good welders.
  • To improve your bottom line.

Professional welding engineering is a good way to look for cost effective solutions to unsatisfactory manufacturing processes.
AAS Co. relying on its many years of experience and professional welding engineers, provides following welding engineering services:

  • Preparing and review of welding procedures (WPS)
  • Qualifying of welding procedures (PQR)
  • Testing and approving of welding consumables
  • Installing and triggering of High-Tech welding machines
  • Training & consulting about ISO 3834: Quality requirement for fusion welding
  • Testing and qualifying of welders & welding operators