In any effective quality control program , welding inspection provides the basic element for integrity and reliability of metal structures or components being fabricated . in order to gain some assurance as to the suitability of the welding for its intended service, codes and standards will always stipulate the performance of visual weld inspection as the minimum level of acceptance / rejection evaluation . It is important to realize , this is possible only when the welding inspection is accomplished before , during , and after welding , by a trained and qualified inspector . since the welding inspector,s responsibilities can be extensive and will occur at various stage of the fabrication sequence , a helpful aid is an " inspection checklist " . Such a document will help our welding inspectors that organize the inspection effort and assure each specific task has been performed . An example of mentioned checklist is shown bellow :

Before Welding

  • Review applicable documentation
  • Check welding procedures
  • Check individual welder qualifications
  • Establish hold points
  • Develop inspection plan
  • Develop plan for recording inspection results and maintaining those records
  • Develop system for identification of rejects
  • Check condition of welding equipment
  • Check quality and condition of base and filler materials to be used
  • Check weld preparations
  • Check joint fitup
  • Check adequacy of alignment devices
  • Check weld joint cleanliness
  • Check preheat , when required

During Welding

  • Check welding variables for compliance with welding procedure
  • Check quality of individual weld passes
  • Check interpass cleaning
  • Check interpass temperture
  • Check placement and sequencing of individual weld passes
  • Check backgouged  surfaces
  • Monitor in-process NDT if required

After welding

  • Check finished weld appearance
  • Check weld size
  • Check weld length
  • Check dimensional accuracy of weldment
  • Monitor additional NDT , if required
  • Monitor postweld heat treatment , if required
  • Prepare inspection reports