Ultrasonic testing level I,II

Duration : 10 days
Course Content:

•    Ultrasonic Principles
•    Ultrasonic Equipment, Pulse Echo, Through Transmission
•    Couplants, Sound Energy, Side Lobes, Beam Divergence
•    Attenuation, Acoustic Impedance, Resonance
•    Ultrasonic Transducers, Reference Blocks, Sensitivity, Resolution, Efficiency, Crystal Axis, Ultrasonic Lenses
•    Non Relevant Ultrasonic Indications
•    Ultrasonic Energy, Generation, Detection, Fundamental Frequency
•    Sound Distribution, Huygens Principle, Near Field, Far Field  
•    Wave Characteristics, Longitudinal, Transverse, Rayleigh, Plate
•    Attenuation, Beam Spread, Transmission Losses, Interference Effects
•    Ultrasonic Equipment, Principles of Operation, A-Scan, B-Scan, Immersion Equipment
•    Cathode Ray Tube
•    The Amplifier
•    Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Equipment Assessment
•    Practical Applications, Reference Standards, Transfer, Straight Beam, Shear, Surface, Austenitic Steels, Sensitivity
•    Instruction Writing, Reporting
•    Defect Sizing, Evaluation Techniques
•    Echo Dynamic Patterns
•    Work shop