Magnetic particle testing level I,II

Duration : 3 days
course Content :

•    Magnetism, magnetic poles, magnetic theory, lines of force, the Weber, the Tesla, leakage fields
•    Magnetic materials, diamagnetic, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, flux density, field strength, permeability, reluctance, residual magnetism, retentivity, coercive force, remanence, hysteresis loop
•    Electric current, fields in and around a conductor, right hand rule, right hand grip rule, current and its effect, D.C., A.C., H.W.R.A.C., measurement of current, ammeters
•    Fields around a conductor, AC & DC field distribution, solid conductors, hollow conductors, magnetic and non magnetic conductors, sensitivity of methods
•    Circular magnetization, direct and indirect induction
•    Longitudinal magnetization, coils, yokes, permanent magnets
•    Equipment, wet horizontal method, dry continuous method, mobile, portable, bench units, demagnetizing equipment
•    Magnetic particle mediums, size, density, mobility, shape, colour, viewing condition, sensitivity, advantages and limitations, suspension characteristics
•    Current requirements, selection of amperage, circular, longitudinal
•    Demagnetisation, causes of magnetization, review of remanent magnetism, demagnetization procedures, remanent tests
•    Magnetic field measurements, flux meters, hall effect, shared flux devices, eddy currents
•    Ultraviolet, fluorescence, sources of ultraviolet, UV-A filters, intensity variables, fluorescent emissions, dark adaptation, mercury arc hazards  
•    Magnetic particle application, residual method, continuous method, surface preparation, location of discontinuities, magnetic rubber inspection.
•    Classification of discontinuities, non-relevant indications, false indications
•    Instruction writing, reporting