Eddy current testing level I,II

Level I Course Content:

1.    Types of Discontinuities: Inherent, Processing and Service
2.    Casting Discontinuities: Hot Tear, Cold Shut, Porosity, Shrinkage
3.    Primary Processing Discontinuities including discontinuities in Rolling, Forging, Drawing, Extruding
4.    Secondary Processing Discontinuities including discontinuities in Grinding, Heat Treating, Machining, Welding, Plating
5.    Service Discontinuities:- Erosion, Wear, Fatigue, Corrosion, Creep


1.    Electrical Parameters
2.    Resistance
3.    Inductance
4.    Impedance


1.    Faradays Law
2.    Lenzs Law

Eddy Current Theory

1.    Generation of Eddy Currents
2.    Impedance changes by Eddy Currents
3.    Effect of change of impedance on instrumentation

Impedance Curves

1.    Conductivity Curve
2.    Lift Off Curve
3.    Permeability

Types of Eddy Current Sensing Elements

1.    Probes
    o    Absolute
    o    Differential
2.    Lift-off
3.    Theory of operation


1.    Inspection of Non-Ferromagnetic Materials
2.    Inspection of Ferromagnetic Materials

Special Probes

1.    Lift Off Insensitive
2.    Fastener Probes- Ring Probe

Calibration Standards

1.    Conductivity Standards
2.    EDM notch Surface Standards


1.    Surface Inspection
2.    Inspection of Airframes
3.    Airframe Fastener Inspection
4.    Turbine Blade Inspection
5.    Inspection of Petrochemical Piping

Level II Course Content:
Electromagnetic Testing

1.    Fundamentals
2.    Electromagnetic field generation
3.    Properties of eddy current
4.    Effects of varying frequency
5.    Phase discrimination
6.    Sensors Electromagnetic testing
7.    Basic types of equipment; types of read out
8.    Reference standards
9.    Applications and test result interpretation
10.    Flaw detection
11.    Conductivity and permeability sorting
12.    Thickness gauging
13.    Process control