Principle of piping systems and standards

Duration : 3 days
Course Content:

1.    Overview of piping, piping engineer responsibilities, piping Documents and its interfaces with other departments due to basic and detail engineering of the projects.        
2.    Minimum Requirements according to International Standards(Such as ASME/ANSI, API, MSS,…) in order to Describe and Design of Piping components and overview of general materials in piping applications, such as:

•    Pipes
•    Fittings
•    Flanges, Gaskets, Stud bolt &Nut, Spectacle Blinds
•    Valves, ...

3.    General Application with Detail Consideration of Pressure Piping Codes particularly for:

•    ASME B 31.3
•    ASME B 31.4
•    ASME B 31.8

4.    Technical Information, Activities and Special items which are involved with piping.