Material Selection to NACE  MR0175/ ISO15156

Duration : 2 days
Course Content :

•    Some Important Corrosion Types

-    Galvanic Corrosion
-    Uniform Corrosion
-    Pitting  Corrosion
-    Stress  Corrosion
-    Hydrogen Attack

•    Corrosion Resistance Material Selection
•    General Principles for Selection of Cracking Resistance Material
•    Evaluation and Definition of Service Conditions
•    Selection of Pre-qualified Material Resistance to SSC/SCC
•    Qualification of Material for H2S Services
•    Factors Effective to Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Corrosion in H2S Services
•    Section of CRA in H2S Containing Environment and Gas Production
•    Evaluation of Carbon & Low Alloy Steel for Resistance to HIC/SWC
•    Review of Related Tables