To improve manufacturing quality and product reliability, components and structures are regularly inspected for discontinuities, defects or faults which may reduce their structural integrity leading to failure. Among the material testing methods developed for inspection purposes, Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques present the advantages of leaving the components undamaged after inspection.
Aria Azmoon Sanat  inspection department are equipped with modern NDT equipments, approved practices, procedures, qualified and certified NDT Level I, II technicians and in-house ASNT NDT III certified professionals, materials testing experts, welding inspection and quality control personnel.

NDT can be used to:
Weeding out defective raw materials /components at the incoming stage itself instead of accepting and paying for it
Detect defects that may occur during the manufacturing process before spending time and money on further processing of the defective materials
Improve manufacturing techniques by inspecting the product during processing operations to maintain uniform quality and standard
Detecting discontinuities at final stages of manufacturing to improve product reliability and safety during operation
Inservice inspection to detect service induced flaws
Ensure prevention of accidents and promote safety for workers and equipment during over hauling and maintenance
Enhance the reputation of manufacturer as producer of quality products
 Aria Azmoon Sanat provides following Nondestructive testing services:

1.    Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
2.    Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
3.    Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
4.    Radiographic Testing (RT)
5.    Visual Testing (VT)